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In The Midst Intercessory

Prayer Ministry

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In The Midst Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Why I.T.M.I.P. Ministry

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 In The Midst Intercessory Prayer Ministry, (I.T.M.I.P. Ministry) has been praying for Children ages 0-35 and Marriages  for over five (5) years.

As the seasons changed, I had to listen to the voice of God for what was next for I.T.M.I.P. Ministry.

As a Woman and Leader  whose life and ministry believes in Empowering, Educating and Encouraging other's, I also have to deal with the weight that Leadership brings.  People see your Leadership and their expectation's of you are sometimes unrealistic, but it comes with the territory. Our families, friends, vocational career, mental health and everyday life are just like everyone else's.  Leader's face trials and we  also need continual prayer for our specific needs.  But where do Leader's go to Pray where can they Release, be Replenished and be Understood? 


That Season is here my beautiful Sister's!  In The Midst Intercessory Prayer Call is available to Women Clergy, Ministry Leader, Wives of Clergy (Bishop's, Pastor's Deacon's etc.) & Women CEO's. 


Our Prayer Call is PRIVATE!  If you have not been issued a personal invitation/registered, you will not be allowed on the call.  WHY?  This is a safe Prayer Platform that operates with integrity and we want everyone on the call to feel comfortable.  However, if someone that has been sent an invitation would like to invite a guest, they MUST reach out to our team. 

The Prayer Call

Tuesday, Morning's at 4:30 AM (CST)

5:30 AM (EST) 2:30 AM (PST)

We will also have Guest Pastor's join us to cover us all in Prayer periodically  

If You are a Woman Clergy,  Ministry Leader, Wife of Clergy, or CEO

 In Need of Prayer or would like to join us in Prayer our Prayer Call is available to you!

Please Complete the Form Below to Register

& the Prayer Call Number will be emailed to you as  your confirmation! 

We Pray that you are Blessed and your life be filled with the joy and love of Christ Jesus!

Peace & Blessings,

Rev. Kenya C. Williams- Founder

Register for Prayer Call
(Prayer Call Number will be Emailed to you as Confirmation)

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