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"Grace Girl, LLC is a unique and diverse company.  Two Divisions,

Professional Services 

Philanthropic Efforts 

that make up the "Heart," and purpose of "Grace Girl," we believe in excellent client services and giving back to the community.  Our motto is "Transforming lives, one heart at a time."

Founder/CEO "The Agent of Love"

Kenya C. Williams

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Grace Girl

Professional Services

"We are the premier Virtual Office Support company. Let us assist you with special projects or short term daily needs on an as needed basis.  NO long-term overhead and we customize to fit your specific needs.  We are changing the market and we are the face of Virtual quality Office Support without compromise!"

Founder/CEO, Kenya C. Williams 

Virtual Office Support Services

  • Consulting

  • Virtual Hosting (Conferences, etc.)

  • Empowerment Speaker

  • Remote Administrative Support

  • Virtual Consultations

  • Customized Packages

Grace Girl

Philanthropic Efforts

Female College Students
Happy Children

Grace Girl, is a Faith based company with a "Heart" and we are a "Philanthropic" global movement! 

We believe in embracing every girl and woman regardless of their race, religion or social economic status. Our core foundation is based upon the principle of “Love.” Contagious Love is the catalyst that will transform the lives of every girl and woman that becomes connected to Grace Girl. We believe that every woman still has that inner girl living inside of her. 

We imagine every woman giving back to the little girls in their families, communities, and globally and every little girl giving back to their community locally and globally! Legacy Building! Grace Girl, is a community of resources that nurture, encourage, educate, and help to create future “Agents of Love.”~ Founder/CEO,"The Agent of Love" Kenya C. Williams

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Philanthropic Efforts

  • Mentoring

  • Entrepreneurship Consulting

  • Workshops & Symposiums

  • Educational & Training Modules

  • Personalized Life Development Planning

  • Community Outreach

  • Community Partnerships

  • SHE EXIST, CEO Jenelle Harri

  • www.sheexist.org

  • The Calm Corner, Erica D. Fulton

  • www.calmcorner.org

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